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R & D Center

Disco focus on the long-term development basing on the advanced technology and basic research, it stays at the forefront of the fertilizer domain with its advantage in technology.

Disco is a large company specialized in the R&D, manufacture, marketing and international trade of the high-end fertilizers and new type fertilizers. It¡¯s also committed to become the world's leading plant nutrition expert. Disco increases investment in special research project and intensify international scientific and technological cooperation to keep its plant nutrition research being the world first class; at the same time it sets up few plant nutrition research bases and talent training bases with more than 20 universities and research institutes around the world. Its research team has become the main force of the international plant nutrition.

Relying on the professional research institutions, strong industry resources, high-end technical talent, advanced technology, Disco establishes two research and development centers of new type fertilizer. Disco¡¯s R&D ability and innovation ability always stay at the forefront, which are continuously promoting the product innovation of industry, and providing customers with high-end agrochemical products and the most valuable solutions.

Disco R&D Center of new type fertilizer in U.S.

National Disco R&D Center of new type fertilizer