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Technology Cooperation

Global R&D cooperation

Disco make full use of their own advantages, and actively develops and products high-end new type fertilizers. It has two new fertilizer research and development centers,advanced laboratories and production lines, and sophisticated technology, which ensure the products are popular in the international market. Meanwhile, the science and technology strength and R&D ability of Disco obtained greatly improvement through the technical cooperation and targeted subject research with those well-known agricultural colleges and research institutes in IsraelUnited States and China

Introduction of advanced technology

Disco followes the development of the world chemical technology, introduces and master the latest  technology from those well-known chemical enterprises in United States, Israel, Norway, DenmarkFinland and Japan, to constantly improve the products quality.

Global information centers

Disco has the ability to lead the development direction of global agrochemical technique.

Disco establishes more than 100 chemical science and technology information centers in Europe, America and Middle East, to form a first-class agrochemical ecosystem which can make all the resources from more than 1000 institutes interact and share collaboratively.