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Group Introduction

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Disco Chemical Industry Group Company limited (Disco hereinafter) is devoted to becoming the global leading nutrition expert of plant and the solution provider of crop process management. Disco isspecialized in the R&D, manufacture, marketing and international trade of the high-end fertilizers and new type fertilizers.Our products have 8 series . The main products include 1D excellent plus compound fertilizer¡¢3D Synergistic compound fertilizer¡¢general excellence 5D compound fertilizer¡¢5D¡¯s golden king fertilizer¡¢7D functional fertilizer¡¢9D special fertilizer¡¢solid water soluble fertilizer¡¢liquid water soluble fertilizer. We use our diversified and high-tech product structure to lead the development of high-end new fertilizer.

Based on the strategy of ¡°Concentrate onagriculture, focus on technology, globalize the layout, serve the world¡±, Discogets the world's technology talents together and establishes two global R&D centers. Disco establishs the national engineering research center of new type fertilizer by bringing in high-tech talents and it cooperates with Chinese research institutions such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Agricultural University, Huazhong Agricultural University, South China Agricultural University and so on; another R&D center of new type fertilizer is in America is cooperating with world plant nutrition institute. In the future, it will set up more workstations and laboratories in ChinaAmericaIsraelNorway and Japan. Disco has always been at the forefront of the fertilizer domain and leaded the development of this industry, because of its insistence in creative R&D which considering the market demand and the adoption of cutting-edge technology. Depending on the technology talents resource and worldwide cooperation in research and development, Disco continuously fulfills its mission of ¡°Promote the technology innovation of agriculture; lead the technology advancement of Industry¡±.

Disco pays high attention to the development of agriculture in China. The total domestic investment of Disco in China will be up to 2 billion yuan, and covers an area of thousand mu. Now it has four major manufacturing bases located in Wuhan and Yichang in Hubei, Langfang in Hebei, Qujing in Yunnan,in the future, it will build up five more bases around the country. After allthe manufacturing bases are built up and put into operation, the annual manufacturing capacity of high-end new fertilizers will be up to 5 million tons and the annual outputvalue will exceed 10 billion yuan. At that time, Disco will become the biggest new fertilizer manufacturing enterprise and lead the development of high-end fertilizer in China.

Disco always stays at the forefront of the global agriculture technology development; insists on developing global by cooperating strategically with more than twenty agriculture science research institutions and academies; to improve the enterprise competitiveness in global market through the international technology cooperation, trade, investment and setting up branches all around the world. In the future, Disco will establish brand awareness in developed countries and enter the market in developing countries from a strategically advantageous position,propel the worldwide development of Disco, make contributions to the sustainable development of agriculture ecology and technology to accomplish the objective of ¡°lead the world, serve the world¡±